Managed Internet Access

This service provides you with the ability to determine when, what and who can access the internet. We can also prioritise internet access by department, individuals or even by application.

Web Access Management

Employee performance is down due to the influences of the internet with such sites as social media, online shopping and personal browsing. With our managed internet access service we can control or remove access to certain sites. This can be done at set periods if required. We can also report on internet access which can be output as usage statistics.

Prioritising Business Internet Traffic

The internet is dramatically changing how we communicate in today's business market place with applications like video conferencing, IP telephony and the uploading of vast amounts of data. With our solution we can prioritise traffic so if are on a video conference call and someone is downloading data, the system will make sure you have the quality of service (QoS) required to successfully continue your conversation without any disruption.